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    Information Business Center of St. Petersburg Opens in Hamburg


    December 7, 2017 in Smolny was signed an agreement about building an Information business centre (IBC) of St. Petersburg in Hamburg between the Committee for external relations of St. Petersburg and LLC "Eurohim"

    The IBC in Hamburg have become the fourth along with the centers in Kazakhstan, Greece and China, opened in recent years in a new format focused on the promotion of the multifaceted potential of our city abroad.

    A 60-year history of twinning links St. Petersburg and Hamburg. It is symbolic that the updated IBC of St. Petersburg opens in the city with long-term partnerships.

    For Reference:

    Dmitry Vasiliev, General Director of "Eurotim" LLC was appointed as a head of the St. Petersburg IBC abroad.

    From 2003 to 2009 D. Vasiliev was heading the representative office of Hamburg port in St. Petersburg and the joint Hanseatic office of Hamburg Senate and Schleswig-Goldstein.

    From 2015 D. Vasiliev have been working as a General Director of "Evrohim" - the Russian representation of the company GRIMEX, which organizes freight between Germany and Russia.

    LLC "Evrohim" is an operator of the IBC of St. Petersburg in Hamburg.

    The opening of the St. Petersburg IBC in Hamburg has completed a series of large-scale joint events in 2017 dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the development of cooperation between the two cities.