Public Council at the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg


    Public Council of the Committee is established according to the subparagraph 1 of paragraph 5 of the instructions list of the President of the Russian Federation No. Pr-3086 dated 29.12.2013 and paragraph 39 of the instruction of the Government of the Russian Federation No. DM-P13-9589 dated 31.12.2013.

    The purpose of the Council is to ensure the inclusion of socially significant interests, proposals and recommendations of citizens, federal State government bodies, state authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation, local governments, public associations, including human rights groups, religious, and professional associations of entrepreneurs in dealing with the most important issues of the Committee on External Relations of St. Petersburg.

    Igor Anatolievich Maskimtsev

    Chairman of the Council

    Rector of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Chile in St. Petersburg

    Evgeny Dmitrievich Grigoriev

    Deputy Chairman of the Council

    Chairman of the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg                                                

    Regulations on the Council

    Council meeting